First Human

Social Responsibility Policies Our company which acts with the principle of "First Human" at every stage of production and management;

  • Prevention of child labor; Not to employ under the age of 18, to act in accordance with the procedures and principles of child labor and young workers,
  • Prevention of forced and compulsory labor; Not to employ forced or involuntary workers in connection with the Convention,
  • Ensuring occupational health and safety; Adopt a proactive approach based on risk analysis, ensure participation of all employees in occupational health and safety practices and adopt a working system that prioritizes the general health of employees,
  • Respect for the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining; To respect the right of workers to become a member of the competent union and to bargain collectively,
  • Prevention of discrimination; Employing employees based on their skills of doing business, not on the basis of race, color, language, ethnicity, political standing, marital status, age, pregnancy or gender, and also making remuneration, welfare and promotion in this direction,
  • Disciplinary / ill-treatment and prevention of harassment; Respecting the personality and dignity of each employee, making institutional punishment, not allowing verbal physical or psychological harassment or coercion,
  • Determination of working hours; To comply with the applicable laws and obligations in the determination of working hours, voluntary voluntary work overtime,
  • Wages and payments; To make normal and overtime payments decided by laws and collective bargaining agreements, to provide social assistance to employees in collective bargaining agreements,
  • Prevention of environmental pollution; To comply with current environmental legislation to prevent environmental pollution based on environmental dimensions and impact assessment and to reduce pollution at the source,
  • Compliance with customs legislation; To comply with all applicable local and international regulations related to customs and to take measures to prevent the illegal shipment of the products produced and compatible with these regulations,
  • Take security measures; To ensure that there are no non-declarationable goods (drugs, explosives, biological substances and illegal goods) in violation of their safety,
  • Relations with suppliers; To evaluate the social compliance activities of the supplier companies, to monitor the results of the evaluation with the actions and to increase the social compliance level gradually,
  • Management class; Conducting social compliance, occupational health and safety and environmental management activities in accordance with the laws and regulations in the regulation, the rules of workplace rules of the customers and a management system in accordance with the “BSCI" Management System standards applied voluntarily,


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